Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ways to start your day off right!

Mornings are tough. Especially waking up knowing you've got a pile of work to do when you'd rather be woken by birds cheeping away outside your cabin in the woods, or to the sound of the gentle sea of the Maldives.  Reality check. It's the middle of Winter and neither of these things is happening anytime soon (unless you're part of the lucky few), so it's pretty safe to say we need to motivation in the mornings to start the day right! Here is how you can do just that!

  • Wake up with some stretches! You can download a yoga app and go through a full routine which is what I've started to do, or simply stretch your body by touching your toes or doing some lunges. It's a great way to awaken your body.

  • Eat a big breakfast that will fill you with energy to see you through the day, so that you're not nodding off at your desk, or find yourself napping when you're not supposed to be. Seriously though breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

  • Write a to-do list of all the things that need to get done. Therefore, you have a clear visualisation of how to make sure that you're doing everything you need out the way, and this can help limit the stress you might feel about getting it all done. Also, the satisfaction of ticking one thing after another of the list is great.

  • Make yourself a morning playlist full of energetic songs that make you want to get up dance while you're getting ready or eating breakfast. This can put you in such a good mood, trust me! The song that gets me ready for the day is Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis, it just makes me want to dance around my bathroom! (and sometimes I do just that).

  • Drink your water boo! Hydration is so important, especially when you want to start your day off the right way! Some benefits of drinking water in the morning include rehydrating your body making you feel more refreshed, as well as refueling your brain so it's easier to be more focused.
Those are just a few ways in which you can start your day of better, all of which I use myself! I hope your mornings are full of sunshine, and that it carries on shining throughout the day! Are there any tips that you would include on this list?
Much love,
Lauren x

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