About Me

Nice to meet you, my name is Lauren. Welcome to my blog!

Some my hobbies include drinking endless amounts of tea and coffee, taking photos and cuddles. I especially love watching the world go by out of coffee shop windows, as well as living inside the dream world that I've formed in my head.

I started this blog because I have a passion for writing and sharing all the ideas up in my little brain. Here on Tea Stained Lauren, I write mostly lifestyle posts; posts that inspire, give people motivation and help you get to know me as if I were one of your close friends. I also hope that writing this blog will help me grow and find myself as a person. I would love you  to join me on this journey.
Lauren xx



  1. Hi Lauren :)
    I just came across your blog & I really like it! I think your posts are very interesting and well written. I'm definitely gonna be a constant reader of your blog from now on. Keep up the good work!
    If you're interested you can check out my blog: www.aboutlittlethiings.blogspot.com
    Lots of love, Sara <3

  2. I love your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  3. Your blog is so lovely! You seem like such a genuine person and I love that! x
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com


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