The Truth About Teenage Bloggers

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The Truth About Teenage Bloggers Project (#TTATB) was started by myself and Jade when we decided to do something about the troubles of teenage bloggers and bring us all together. You can read Jade’s post here and my post here.

What is #TTATB or #Teenageteam?
It's a way to bring teenagers that blog together, giving them a platform to share their posts, make friends, and have people of their own age to be there for them and to talk to.

What does this project do to help me and other teenage bloggers?
We aim to support and promote teenage bloggers everywhere and to do this we have created a Twitter and Instagram account. We're constantly retweeting shared blog posts on twitter that have the hashtag #TeenageTeam. Not only is this a great way to share posts, but a great way to connect with and find other teenage bloggers.

How can I get involved in the project?
In July 2016, we will be introducing the idea of twitter chats every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 o’clock (GMT time) similar to #thegirlgang or #socialbloggers. This way all us teens can be brought together to talk about different topics, and it's also a great way to bring attention to your twitter and your blog. We have also launched a website and every week, one of us will write a post for it. If you have a blog post idea you find suitable for the project you can submit your own post to be included! Along with the website, there is a newsletter that will come out monthly, including any extra #TTATB chat and information.

Where can I find the projects social media links and contact details?
Blog: Teenage Team
Twitter: @TatbProject
Instagram: @tatbproject


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