Tuesday, 29 September 2015

2 Favourites Tuesday #1

Everybody loves a good monthly favourites. Being able to poke your nose into other peoples business, seeing what people loved, as well as being flooded with cravings to spend. Instead of following the crowd and doing a monthly favourites, I decided to share with you two things I've loved from my week, whether that be a beauty product, clothing item, memory or even a bag of sweets that I bought down the co-op. Hopefully this will help for you to get to know me better and for my opinions to be as fresh a possible!
So welcome to "2 Favourites Tuesday"!

1. My first favourite has to be my Naked palette. I bought this in May, and I realise that I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but I only ever used to shy away and play it safe. I mostly ever used the two matte tones, Sin, and Side Car. However recently in the past week I've started to up my game and exploring a bit more, braving the golden colours now that it's Autumn and that's what all the beauty guru's are doing so I've got to trust them right? I feel they really complement my eyes and I'm ready to step away from the boringness.

2. My second favourite has been liquid eyeliner. The one I use is from Avon, and it's not the greatest, but it's not exactly the product I'm in love with, but it's the way that a winged liquid eyeliner can transform your face and make it look ten times better. Just me? I don't know, but I've been using it a lot more recently and I love it! Although, I would really appreciate some recommendations on the best liquid eyeliners because my current one is slowly dying on me. Help!

What have you been loving this past week?
Much love,


Saturday, 26 September 2015

My social media history

Through the years, I've been addicted to social media. I have many stories to share about my successes and failures in the cyber world, many that I look back on now and think, did that really happen? I'd say my experience with social platforms like  Facebook, Instagram etc. is not something that many people can relate to. At least not that I know of. So I'd like to share my story with you.

When I was eleven, I was OBSESSED with one direction. Like crazy, dorky, would do anything  for them obsesseed. I had watched their very auditions on Xfactor and followed their journey throughout. Little miss Lauren decided, it would be such a cool idea to make a Facebook page dedicated to the boys, and I felt so happy with myself when I started getting tons of followers. I had two other admins, one  friend that I don't speak to now, and a girl I met online called Nicole. Together, we created a space for girl like us to obsess over one direction, through posting pictures, fanatics, "going on a date with Harry" outfit ideas, and even playing a game called "hot or not" with our followers. The stuff I posted was super cringey and embaressing. *Shivers* Soon enough I grew out of the page and completely forgot about it. However in January I rediscovered it again, to find it has over 5,000 people following it! I don't get it.

A couple of years later, I created my first Instagram account. I didn't really understand what I was doing , so subsequently I saved photos off google and "we heart it" (is that still a thing?) and posted them with a crappy Instagram filter as well as a soppy caption or song lyric. Somehow, I managed to gain followers quickly, and slowly started to understand what to post and how to keep gaining. I made a loads of friends, and we managed to promote each other to the point where I reached 11,000 followers. My account carried on growing and I loved interacting with my followers. Then Instagram was a biatch, and told me that I needed to reset my password to "ensure my security", so they sent me an email to my old address that I wasn't able to access. I lost my 11k and it hurt.

Then came my Kardashian phase, the stage of my life where I couldn't get enough. I created a Kylie and Kendall themed Tumblr, and took my obsession in my stride. This account involved stalking their Instagram for new photos and searching for new paparazzi pictures, to then edit them and post them up onto Tumblr. It was all fun and games, then the best thing hapened. Kylie Jenner reblogged my photo that I uploaded and everything went crazy! Everyday I'd recieve hundreds to even thousands of reblogs ending up in over 70,000 reblogs in total. You can see it here. That's something I still cant really understand or comprehend, but I consider it an achievement for sure.

So that's my story, it may not be much compared to Youtube Sensations and all that, but hey, it was all great while it lasted. Have you had your15 minutes of fame?
Much love,


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Goodnight and sleep tight.

Today was my Nan's funeral. I was asked to write a eulogy for her:

"For those of you who may not know me, my name is Lauren and I'm one of nanny's many grandchildren.

When I think a Nan, a ton of memories pop up in my brain straight away. For example, I remember many trips to the nail salon, as she always had to have her nails looking immaculate. On the way we'd sing out Abba songs while popping pear drops in our mouths. There was one road in particular that we often drove down which was our favorite, as it was full of road bumps, and we squealed over each and every one of them, laughing our heads off.

I also remember when I stayed with her over the weekend. Saturdays was always a night of chippy take outs and casualty. I absolutely hated casualty, but for Nan it wouldn't be a Saturday without it. So because of this, I had to hide behind the pillows or distract myself with something else to do while Nan was sucked into the story, sipping away at tea. She also took part the lottery, which I always crossed my fingers while listening to the lotto numbers being called out, hoping that she would win so she could buy me a pony.

Even though I never got my pony, she did treat me a lot. We'd take trips to the garden center every time without a doubt. Nan was always very proud of her garden, and she would always buy various plants to add to her growing collection. My favorite part of our trip was getting to stop off at the cafe, I'd always get a chocolate muffin with hot chocolate and we'd talk and talk. It's one of our favorite memories together.

I cannot stress how much of a hard worker Nan was. When we wasn't out getting our nails painted together or looking at plants, Nan would be surrounded by paperwork. I always admired her as we sat at her table with Polly her parrot squawking in the background and a dog always at her feet. I always insisted in helping her, a red pen in my hand like she did, scribbling nonsense on paper, wanting so much to be like her.

I love her and miss her so so much. She had such a shining sense of humor, and while she was ill, she told me once when she got better she would be cartwheeling down the garden. I think now she finally is.

Nan, I promise you that I will try my best to behave for mum and dad. I promise that I will take care of Olivia and Daniel. I promise to go to garden centers at every chance I get. I promise to work hard at school, revise and get good grades. And I promise that I will dance and sing out loud to Abba. I promise."

Always tell your family you love them.
Lauren xx


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Telling you my weird dreams #1

I've decided to create a little series on my blog to share with you some of my weird and wonderful dreams, as I love listening to what goes on in peoples brains while they're asleep, and thought that so might you! Every time I have a weird dream or remember a weird dream that I want to share, I'll try as best as I can to write it up in words so we can share the odd stories that occur in my mind together. I thought it would bring something fresh and original to my blog, so I hope you enjoy!!

Okay so this is a dream I had a couple of weeks ago that I absolutely love sharing with people. It started with me sitting at a dressing table in my room (odd since I don't have one), looking in bewilderment at my eyebrows. I wanted them to be perfect so I grabbed a tweezers and plucked away, without thinking about what I was really doing. I know one thing though, and that is that I wanted a strong eyebrow game that people would say were "on fleek". However, every time I plucked, the hair just wasn't going anywhere. Like it just kept growing back! Fed up, I got a shaver and started trying to remove my eyebrow hair this way. (I actually tried this once when I was in year 7, please I beg you do not do this). Obviously, I ended up shaving my whole eyebrow off, I mean duh what else was going to happen. Therefore, in distress I had no other hope but calling the EYEBROW REPAIR MAN. Imagine if that was a thing though, wouldn't that be like the best thing ever? Anyway. So the guy came over and inspected my brows, then introduced me to his dog. For any of you wondering, the dog looked like this. Yes somehow I remember what the dog looked like. His dog was more than happy to help, so picked up an eyebrow pencil from thin air and drew my eyebrow back on for me. You know, because dogs are talented at that sort of thing. Drawing on eyebrows. Then that's where my dream ended there. What puzzled me the most is why when I woke up, I actually thought the dream was real and a dog really did draw on my eyebrow. Hm.

Should an eyebrow repair man/lady be a thing? Also, feel free to share any of your weird dreams with me in the comments!!
Much love,


Monday, 21 September 2015

Easy ways to warm up your living space for autumn.

It's September and that means one thing. Autumn. One of my favourite things about Autumn is decorating my room, transitioning from bright, sunny colours, to burnt oranges, dark greens, and browns in the Autumn. Today I  finally felt it was time to warm up my living space in time for the falling leaves. (I'm still waiting)

Here are  three easy ways to make your living space feel autumn ready!

1. Autumn collages
First off, I went on to Pinterest and found a load of cute autumnal pictures, focusing on ones that contained really warm colours and nice quotes. I then found a frame that I had filled with a load of tropical/beach pictures that I had on display throughout summer. To replace the old pictures I printed out my favourite autumnal pictures from Pinterest, cut them out, and placed them inside the photo frame to make my own autumn collage! I think once placed on my window sill, straight away my rooms felt a lot more warm and season ready. You can find cheap frames in charity shops, and even Poundland!

2. Autumn plants
The other day my little sister went for a walk and decided to collect a bunch of pine cones, which was great for me because she let me use them for my room. I think pine cones are so beautiful, I mean they may not seem like much, but I just love them and their autumnal vibes. (drinking game, drink a shot every time I use the word autumnal or autumn in this post) So I placed them strategically around my room, then bam, already ten times better. I also found these twigs in the conservatory that have some sort of orange berries on them, so I nicked those and placed them in my room too! I think we got ours in our local garden centre. Super cute, super autumnal, much love.

3. Lighting
Last but not least, lighting, I'm talking about fairy lights and candles.It's so important!!  If you have these two things in your room, then you're doing something right. Right now I'm crushing on some acorn fairy lights that I found in TK Maxx, which I SO regret not picking up because they were absolutely adorable and I can't find them anywhere online. Oh well, candles will always do. *sulks*



So there you go!! If I was going full throttle I'd buy a nice throw, and scout out a squash or some pumpkins in the supermarket, but for some reason today is incredibly sunny and I don't like it, it's hurting my eyes. 

Have you started decking out your bedroom or house for Autumn yet?
Much love,


Sunday, 20 September 2015

A blessing from the skirt gods.

The best thing happened the other day. A blessing. Mum went up in the loft to fetch my old school clothes for my little sister, then passed me over a skirt she found up there from when I was ickle. When I looked at it, I swear my jaw dropped. You know those denim skirts that're all the rage right now?  Yeah well, I reaaaaallllly wanted one. However, I didn't think they'd look good on my wide hips or suit my body shape at all. The struggle. So when my mum brought THIS baby down:

I ALMOST FLIPPED! I loved it so much, but I was absolutely sure it wouldn't fit! When I had this skirt when I was younger, I hated it and thought it was the most ugliest thing. Despite this, once they were in my hands, I was in love and jokingly tried it on, expecting the worst. But the worst didn't happen, and surprisingly, IT FIT! I have no clue how because I'm like 5ft 8, and even though its a teeny bit short due to my long legs (but opaque black tights do the trick), it fits like a glove and suits my figure perfectly.(must be some type of voodoo magic.) I've been all heart eyed emoji over it since. Thank you skirt gods for your gift, thank you.

How do you feel about the denim skirt trend? Will you be rocking it this Autumn?
Much love,


Friday, 18 September 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words.

  My Nan sadly passed away over the weekend, and while looking for pictures to display at her wake, we came across hundreds and hundreds of old photos, from when she was a young child, all the way to the last Christmas we spent together. They were kept in Nan's house and we managed to haul together a heaving amount of memories. Although the reasoning of which we came across these photos were sad, my Mum and I spent ages looking through Nan's old scrapbooks and postcards, as well as laughing at pictures of dad from when he was just a little kid. My little brother looks just like him and it's quite scary; I fear for the kid.

Straight away when flicking through photos and albums, you could smell the cigarette smoke that would've been circulating through the air of her house for years and years. Although part of me hates the smell, while I had the photos in my hand all I could smell was her and not the harsh hit of it at the back of my head. There were photos of Nan posing in a photo booth with my Aunt Debbie, one perched at her desk, another of her lounging at the beach, so many beautiful stories that could've been told. That's one thing that I regret, not finding these albums sooner. Their were so many faces that I didn't recognise, as well pictures of Nan and Granddad on holiday somewhere abroad. I wish that we could've gone through it together, so she could bring the pictures alive and explain the story behind each one. I would get Granddad too, but we have never been that close, not the way me and Nan were.

I also found a ton of photos of me, twinkling a wand in my hand, sat in my favorite chair that was covered in bears, and sitting outside my Wendy house, looking right chuffed with myself. It was weird looking back at, but I couldn't help but laugh at what a pose I was, my chubbiness making me look even funnier. I thought I was a child model, and to be honest I'm surprised I wasn't, because I looked like a natural. Shame I'm not now though, sorry mini me for not pursuing your dream.

It was so heartwarming to look back at photos, especially the one of before I was born, the fashion sense and the Polaroid pictures. I had to take some of them to keep for myself before giving them back to Granddad. So many untold stories, but such beautiful pictures.

Much love,


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Friends, and why I don't have many.

I have gone through plenty of friends, some of which I speak to now, some of which I don't. A few of them can bugger off for making feel like crap, others I need to thank for being there for me, even though we're no longer close. But recently I've been feeling a bit... friendless. I mean, it's not like I don't have any friends. In the grand schemes of things I actually have loads. However, not the kinds of friends that every time you are with them you end up in hysterics and tears. Neither do I have a friend that I tell everything too. Apart from my boyfriend of course, he's my best friend, and that I'm very grateful for, but I'm talking about the friendship that is shared between two girls (or a guy and a girl who knows). All in all, I know the reason I lack these friendships is through all my own fault. 

I had two very close friends,  let's call them Bugs and Bunny. Bugs I met through my church's youth group. I automatically wanted to be her friend, but we attended different middle schools and I was scared to ask for her number, being the shy and anxious 13 year old I was. A few months later, I started my first year at High School. This is where I met her again, as we were placed in the same class and I was so so happy. Within time we became best friends, all was good. (I still have videos of us singing and dancing to Beyonce  and it's rather shameful yet hilarious all the same.) 

A few months later I started to talk to Bunny, she was in my general set and she seemed really nice. In year 9, I suffered with anxiety, and spent a lot of my lunches and breaks crying in teachers classrooms. (What a freak I was). My German teacher noticed my crying and took me down these weird flights of stairs that I didn't even know existed, and led me into the student support office. I then spoke to the kind, friendly woman (who turned out to be Bunny's mum, what a coinkidink!) for at least an hour, and I spoke to her at least once a week from then on. While these chats with were happening, I also grew closer to Bunny, spending more and more time with her. 

Sooner or later I had to introduce Bugs and Bunny together. They hit it off straight away; we were like the three musketeers, and it was great to be in a solid friendship being rather unhappy, like I was in year 7 and 8. In the beginning of my second year, I met my boyfriend. I'm not going to go through how I met him, I can save that for another post. With meeting my boyfriend, I started neglecting spending time with Bugs and Bunny, and I made an entirely new group of friends out of nowhere. Lets call them the squad (this includes my boyfriend btw ;) ). I spent so much time with the squad, at the local park, at the cinema, and I never experienced being with such a big, yet close, knit of friends. Guys were involved too, which was strange for me, as up until then I never had any confidence with speaking to the male species. The squad was everything. But then the squad crumbled.

The squads group chat died down and we didn't meet up with each other much anymore. I wanted to spend more time with my boyfriend so I did, almost everyday. We still do.  Although it's great and I love him so much with all my heart, I miss the friendships I used to have. My relationship with Bugs and Bunny felt so strange whenever I spent time with them, and even though we are still friends now, it's not the same. On Snapchat, I'd see them spending time together and I'd be riddled with jealously. I'm so lucky that me and my boyfriend are so close and get to spend time together, we're each others best friends. But I was that crappy person that ditched they're friends for a boy and that I regret. Don't make my mistake.

Now, I'm not saying I don't have any friends, I have plenty. But somehow still, without my boyfriend, I feel lonely. I'm too afraid to reach out, to open up and to be my self with anyone else. There are even people that I'm friends with now, that I still feel separate from them. I could become close to them, but nonetheless my mind just doesn't let it happen.

I hope soon that I can have that strong friendship with someone again, the kind where we're always at each others houses and doing things together and weeing ourselves laughing. I miss it.
Much love,


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hey guys, hope you've had a fabulous day! I was recently nominated by Makinglifeacamera, to do the love/hate tag. The rules are simple, you state ten things that you love, ten things you hate, and then tag ten other bloggers to also take part in challenge!

Things that I love:

1. Funfairs, especially the ones in our local park. I love when the sky is pitch black but the park is illuminated from the lights of the rides. I especially love the funfair we have on bonfire night, with a massive bonfire, colorful fireworks, and don't even get me started in the food!! Fun fairs make me happy.

2. When it's freezing cold, so I snuggle up in my warmest pajamas and light all my favorite candles, then watch kinda crappy evening TV but  love it anyway

3. Cucumber, salad cream and brown bread sandwiches.  Yum!

4. Baking. I don't do it as often as I'd like, but when I do it's so therapeutic and satisfying, it's like my stress relief. Oh, and I get to eat all the goodies after.

5. Reading books, any place, any where. I used to be so obsessed with reading but I grew out of it quite a lot. However, if I ever pick up a book, 9/10 times I get so sucked in and obsessed, and wonder how I ever went so long without reading something.

6. Weddings. I love them so much, and think they're such a beautiful way to celebrate love. I'm a tad obsessed really. This is why I would love with all my heart to become a wedding planner, as helping couples create their dream wedding to suit their personalities and style seems like such a fulfilling and amazing thing to do.

7. Experimenting with drawing and painting.

8. I love love love lovvveeeeee, decorating the Christmas tree in December, while blasting out some classic Christmas songs and eating mince pies. It just gives me a warm feeling in my heart and fills me with so much happiness.

9. Cooking dinner for myself. Of course I love mums dinner but when everyone is out and I get to cook food for my self I really enjoy experimenting and following healthy recipes I find off blogs and Pinterest. I actually have a board dedicated to healthy meals that you can find here.

10. My family and my boyfriend. Duh.

Things that I hate:

1. Coconut. *gags*

2. Having Raynaud's phenomenon/disease/syndrome. This is where in really cold temperatures my fingers and toes go numb and yellow at the tips. It's often quite painful, especially when the blood flow starts again, and I get terrible pins in needles. The best way to understand what it is, is by reading about it here.

3.  Revision. It's horrid but I have to do it. (sad face :( )

4. People who discriminate against gender, sexuality, and race.

5. When I run out of shampoo or conditioner, I don't know why, but it angers me.

6. When someone acts like they know how you feel or what you've done. Say for example, someone might say I've had an attitude all day, when I felt perfectly fine and happy. Then even if I insist that I haven't, they act like they know what goes on inside my brain and it just pushes all my buttons. UGH.

7. When people mock or joke about sexuality, gender, race, religion, profession. Especially when people use words such as "faggot", "bent", "gender bender" etc. then I loose the plot entirely. Screw you.

8. I hate the fact that so many people in the world don't have access to clean water, while Las Vegas has a massive water show, and we keep whales and dolphins inside of tanks for "entertainment". Good job guys.

9. Gammon. It just makes me think of sliced, sweaty pigs. Sorry not sorry.

10. The fact that the Maze Runner movies aren't based on the books, but instead are adaptations. It makes me so sad because I wanted to see what I read played out visually, but I can't and it destroys me. :'(

Now to nominate 10 people to do this tag!!
I nominate:
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Thanks for reading, make sure to tell me one thing you love and hate!!


My first week back at school in a nutshell.

 Photo credit: Source

What do you think? It sucked. *super sad face*

Friday, 11 September 2015

5 types of photos worthy for your Instagram.

Oh Instagram, how could I go without it? I can sit on my bed with a hot cup of tea in my hand and scroll until my thumb gets weak. There's something about photos that really appeal to me, for a photo can speak a thousand words right? However there are some photos that should and most definitely should not be posted onto Instagram for many various reasons. Therefore today I'm going to list the ten types of photos that are worthy for your Instagram feed.

Photo credits: 
@bunnymama @pointless blog  @tanyaburr

1. Photos of your pets or cute baby animals!! Who really can resist fluffy and adorable creatures on their screen? Only people with no heart or emotion, that's who! Post a cute picture of an animal and you're bound to get those double taps for sure, having people "aww"ing and "how cute!"ing all day long! (Disclaimer:  Be careful, otherwise I might have to take your beloved pet off your hands) I can't help it.

Photo credits:
@alexisren @jayalverez @chiaraferragni

2. Travel pictures! Unfortunately enough, I don't happen to have enough money or time to travel 24/7  in amazing counties with amazing beaches and picturesque scenes. I wish. So by taking pictures of your holiday away, people can engage with your experience through your Instagram feed. (As well as cry that they're not playing in the sea with you.) As much as seeing people away on holiday creates a great amount of jealousy, it makes me happy to see where people are travelling and enjoying their time away. (While I'm at home in dreary England with nothing better to do)

photo credits:
@velvetgh0st @lattesunset @connorfranta

3. Coffee. The definition of Instagram is coffee art. Instagram without coffee is just a place of which where people post un-coffee related photo's. That doesn't sound like Instagram to me. A great moment to take this photo is while you're impatiently waiting for your coffee to cool down, this way it will minus at least a few minutes of your waiting time. Bonus!

photo credit:

4. Your food! Wait there, hold up, food? I don't care what people say! Posting photo's of your food is great! As long as it's every so often, colorful and taken just right, then you've got my mind and my stomach's attention! Just please, whatever you do, don't take a picture of your bowl of beans, or your half eaten macaroni cheese. I'm happy for you and all, but really? What wen't through your mind when you thought, "you know what, this plate of food isn't merely attractive, but I'm going to post a photo anyway"? If you do this, I still love you, but am shaking my head slowly behind my phone is disappointment.

photo credits:
@zozeebo @kendalljenner @okayaleks

5. Your gorgeous selfies!! I know each any every one of you are flawless, so don't be ashamed!! (as long as every photo you post isn't of you, it can come across as a bit obnoxious. I mean, its great to love yourself, do you!! But some people can find this annoying, me included.) Selfies are the bee's knees, so find the best lighting and pull your best serious face, then bam, you are the selfie queen.

What else do you consider "Instagram worthy" photos?
Much love,


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Things I want to have done by the time I'm 30.

By the time I'm thirty, I think a lot of things would have happened in my life. I know it's a long way away but I often wonder what my thirty year old self will be like. Whether I'll be slim, curvaceous, or have more to love. Whether I ever dyed my hair blond or grey like I always wanted to, but was never brave enough to do so. But those things are minor compared to what I could have achieved and done during the years between now and then. But there are some things that I know I want to have happened by then.

 By the time I'm thirty...

  • I definitely want to have moved out and have found my own place. As much as I love my parents I could not live with them to the age of thirty. I'd go mental.
  • I would like to be married to the love of my life. I think I know who he is, but whatever happens, happens. I hope he treats me right and will be good father for my children. I also hope he can not just be my husband, but my best friend and partner in crime.
  • I would hope to have had my first child. I want the baby to be called Robynn if I have a girl (sorry future child for all the spelling mistakes on your birthday and Christmas cards) or Noah/Hunter if I have a boy. I want to be able to teach them what's right and wrong, and for them to value what they have.
  • I hope to have travelled to many different countries as I'm so passionate about getting out and truly living. I hope that by the time I'm thirty, I've been to Greece, Italy, the Bahamas and Fuji, and to have been to at least to at least 10 new countries that I've never been to before. 
  • I wish to have pursued my dream career as a wedding planner. However if this never works out for me, I hope to be in a job or career that I love and that can support my family. 
  • I really really hope that I have a dog called Finnick. Yes as in Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games. He shall be like a child and I shall love him and spoil him to pieces. 

Most of all, by the time I'm thirty, I hope to be happy. That's all I can ask for.
What do you hope to have done once you've reached thirty? If you're already thirty, what do you wish you could have done differently?
Much love,


Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Emergency High School Kit.

School is a place full of sweaty humans strolling the corridors like dead zombies. Not just that, but girls. Girls who get periods and cramps and needs. If you're a girl like me, you'd know that in high school, you're going to be asked for one of  following: pads, spray, paracetamol and chewing gum. It's just going to happen and there's not much that we can really do about it. Apart from be a super human of course, who carries all these necessities around with them, then you're the coolest (and nicest) kid on the block. So I've decided to gather all the products I would ever need during my school day and stuff it into one of my makeup bags. I'm going to need these things too, so I might as well have them in one place rather than  let them loose in my bag (we all know the problems that will cause). So this is what's inside my emergency high school kit.

1. First and most obvious one. Pads and tampons. Most females bleed, and often unexpectedly. There are sometimes moments when you crap your pants (almost literally) when you come on and find out you don't have anything with you. Therefore, finding someone who does is the best and you just want to squeeze them for being your lifesaver.

2. With periods come cramps. Great. And oh no, you don't have any pain killers! Fear no more, Lauren carries a bunch in her emergency high school kit and now the pain will be gone and you shall be freeeee!!! *applause*

3.Deodorant and body spray. People smell. Don't be one of those people. That is all. If so, I shall save you and all shall be well.

4 I always carry tissues with me. I'm greeted with colds in autumn to winter, and hay fever throughout spring and summer. It's like a full blown snot storm!! Tissues = needed.

5. Moisturiser! I always suffer with dry skin and without moisturiser I'd be flakier than a Cadbury's chocolate flake. Trust me on that one.

6.. Chap stick and lip scrub are a must, especially the bubble gum one from Lush. I sometimes end up just eating it out the jar, anyone else? My lips are dryer than the Sahara Desert so gotta keep those lips moisturised!!

7. Hair bobbles. Every P.E lesson I hear the words shouted across the changing rooms, "HAS ANYBODY GOT A SPARE HAIR BOBBLE?". Be their hero, they will owe you.

8. Last but not least, concealer. Before school my face could be blemish free, but by lunch time I will feel unwanted spots sprout upon my face. Not cool. So it's always great to carry concealer around in case you or any of your friends end up in that position and feel your self esteem drop. As Elsa would say, conceal don't feel. 

That's all! Anything I'm missing that you would but in your emergency kit?


Friday, 4 September 2015

My "New Year" School Resolutions.

This time next week, school will have started up again. Early mornings, homework, revision, all the things in this world that I love the most! Not. I am the most unorganised person and it's shameful how lazy I am to get work done. I envy people who seem to have their life all together. You know, the ones who revise everyday, get homework done the day they get it, while managing to fit in exercise and extra curricular activities? These people actually exist believe it or not! However I am not one of them, as much as I'd like to be. So I'm challenging myself to some "new year" resolutions now that my last school year has started. It's time to really make it count.

My first resolution is to do my homework as soon as I get home. By that I mean as soon as I walk through my front door. This way I will be motivated to get it out of the way so I can spend the rest of my evening stress free. This will result in me not panicking the night before about that massive maths sheet I should've completed days ago, which will be fab because I might actually get the amount of sleep I need!

My second resolution is to go to bed early. There have been many occasions where I told myself I'd get off my phone at a certain time, then realise hours later it's one in the morning and I need to be up in five hours. But I'm going to be the responsible one now! I will put away my phone at least half an hour before the time I want to go to bed, and I will not be distracted by Netflix!! Who's with me?? (I realise the answer is no one, but we can at least try right?)

This next resolution is one I know I can do. It's to use my daily planner that I bought  from WHSmith. (Shown in the picture above.) At my high school, they hand out these ugly school planners that after the first week of term end up lost, soaked from the rain, or shredded to pieces. So with this one, I shall look after it as if it was my own child and pretend I'm as super organised as it will make me look. I will write in all my homework, revision sessions and anything else I might need to jot down and remember. Ooh look at me and my sleek little planner, pretending that I know what I'm doing with my life. Ha, I'll fool them.

My final resolution is to work as hard as I can. To revise whenever I get the chance. This year is going to be so bloody stressful, but in the end, if I try my best and achieve the grades that I'm hoping for, all the stress will be worth it. At least that's what I've been told. I'll squeeze in bits of fun along the way, but this year will be my year. I'm gonna smash it.

If you're going back to school what're your "new year" resolutions? If not, any advice on tackling my last year of school?
Much love,

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