Monday, 24 August 2015

3 Tips to surviving the "Back To School" season.

There's two more weeks to go until school starts again, and it's that dreaded point of your summer holiday's where everywhere you look, you're constantly reminded of your certain doom. If you're like me, it probably makes you feel sick and want to barf on the side of the street. How dare you advertise the words "Back To School". Don't you think we already know this useless information? So, I've created a list of tips that will help you enjoy your last weeks of freedom.

1. Spend time with your friends! 
When else is it acceptable to have a sleepover in the middle of the week? I'm the person who will happily spend the entirety of the holidays locked up in my room and only seeing my friends when I can be bothered, however when school is on the horizon, you need to stay out of your house as often as possible before you regret it. Drag yourself and your friends out of bed and make the most of the time you have!

2. Read a book!
If you have any anxieties about going back to school, reading books can be a great distraction. At the moment I'm really into The Maze Runner series written James Dashner. Grab a book, a blanket and a nice glass of your favourite drink, then let the story consume your thoughts.

3. Buy stationary!
Buying stationary is one of my favourite things to do; I could spend hours in shops like WHSmith and Paperchase! Buying nice stationary can really lift up your mood and could actually, dare I say it, get you excited for going back to school. Just imagine all your friends admiring your snazzy highlighters that look like nail polish!!

Lots of love <3

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  1. I had a meal with my friends to celebrate results and the end of summer. I also love buying new stationary. Lovely post xx


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