Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Best Christmas Gift Guide Ever: Guarunteed

It's December the most joyous and festive time of the year! If you haven't started buying Christmas presents yet, you really need to up your game! But fear not! I've got the best Christmas gift guide that you will see on any blog ever, so feast your eyes on these bad boys. You're about to purchase the best gifts anyone will ever receive in their life!

1. Crocs! They're so versatile! You can pull so many different outfits with these shoes, from smart work attire, to fancy nights out with the girls! These shoes are fit for all weather, especially the cold winter season! Anyone would be delighted to receive such a gorgeous gift that they will cherish and put to great use.

2. This eyebrow pencil has all the beauty bloggers talking, even Pewdiepie can't have enough! It's great for creating those thick brows that all the celebrities are trying to achieve. This pen can create a variety of lines, thick and thin, therefore you can create a multitude of different eyebrow looks. Even my dad recommends it! Be a great person this year and leave this in someones stocking to make their Christmas the best one yet!

3. Loom bands are so this year! Just look at all the beautiful creations you can make. Give this to your significant other this Christmas and expect them to make you the most gorgeous and eccentric necklaces from pure rubber and possibly toxic fumes! My boyfriend has been begging for this book all year, and I can't wait to see his reaction when he finds this under the tree!

 4. If your family and friends are anything like me, then they will love anything luxurious! Therefore, these tampons will be right up their street! But you better be quick, they're so lavish and ostentatious that they're flying straight off the shelves, and super markets around the UK are struggling to keep them in stock due to such high demand! To add extra festivity, swap out the string for some bright and colourful tinsel; that will really make their bells jingle!

5. Avocados have been the most talked about fruit of 2015! Why not end this year on a high and gift an avocado to someone who really makes you happy! They'll love all the things they can make with it: guacamole, avocado on toast, ketchup, coffee, so many different choices! Any doubts? Have a look at this kid receiving one for himself!
You can just see the tears of joy in his eyes!

6. Last but not least, Santa's sack! This brass keyring is so festive and jubilant, you can even see all the gifts bulging out! Oh my, Santa will be treating us well this year! This gift will be a friendly reminder of what a giving, tender and joyful person you are. Anyone would be lucky to flash this gift off!

That's all folks, I can just tell you will all love this gift ideas as much as I do! I hope you take some inspiration because you'll be making a lot of people happy!!

What was your favourite gift that you've seen in this post?
Lauren xx

*This post was so much fun to write and I had a good old chuckle to myself! I hope you like this unusual but different post and also hope that you noticed my sarcasm from the start and through out aha! 



  1. Oh my god Lauren HAHA! I loved it.
    My favourite item is definitely the LUXURIOUS tampons :) I need to get me some :) such a LUXURY :) x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Ahah thank you! I'm glad you like it ;) tampons are top of my Christmas list this year!!!
      Lauren x

  2. This post made me chuckle, thank you for putting me in a good mood hehe :)

    Sophie | ssophiespot.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Don't follow a simple ideas that everyone can guess in case of giving some gifts in special occasions. Special occasion deserves some special celebration and when it is the Christmas events Of course you should follow some special Christmas gift ideas to surprise your special one.

  4. What a sensational post! I have gotten all the best christmas ideas for boyfriend after landing on your blog. Thanks for the great help.


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