Friday, 11 March 2016

Why I've been gone

I've found myself avoiding this for so long. I went a week without blogging, then a week turned into a couple of weeks, which then turned into a month, which therefore ended up with me pushing any thoughts of my abandoned blog to the back of my mind. Because with each week that went by, the harder it was for me to open up Blogger again to write. But here I am. I'm not entirely sure what happened if I'm going to be completely honest with you. I do know that I had a dreaded block of creativity and that I was also put down by a lot of negativity that I saw on twitter. I witnessed a lot of drama and spits between bloggers, which was not nice to see and put a dampening on the idea of blogging again. I even stopped reading blogs for a while too, because each one I read made me feel guilty about my own lack of writing.

I've done a lot during my little break. I visited Poland for a week and took a huge amount of pictures for Instagram. I had a week of mocks in school last week too and hence found myself drowned in revision. I've also got a ski trip to Bulgaria to look forward to near the end of March, and the idea of that has helped me to keep going every day. Apart from that, it's just been work work work. And no I'm not talking about the Rhianna song.

But enough about me, what about you guys? I hope you're all feeling fine and dandy, with trips to look forward to and amazing people surrounding you. However if you're feeling down, a bit blue, or under the weather, I hope that turns around for you so that you can start feeling like yourself again. If  you have the time why don't you comment all the things you're looking forward to this year, how you're feeling, and maybe tell me something you're grateful for too?

To make up for my lack of words over here for the past few weeks, here are some photos I took in Poland. (They were taken on my phone though so don't expect too much haha)

I've seriously missed blogging, and I hope I keep this up now.
I love you guys.


  1. Welcome back lovely! :) Sometimes taking a break & stepping away from blogging is the best thing you can do to refind your motivation and creativity x I'm feeling pretty good at the moment but also a bit stressed out when I think about all the revision I need to do for next week. How about you? I'm currently looking forward to spring break & other than that to upcoming concerts and trips and also finishing school at the end of the year. Hope you'll have a great weekend x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. I'm glad you're doing well, but I feel you on the revision stress. The realisation of exams is creeping up on me! I'm just so excited to have them out of the way though! I hope you have a fabulous spring break!


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