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4 ways to stay motivated to revise

I'm on exam leave right now which is very exciting but very weird. It's odd to think that I don't have to go Sixth Form until September, and that feels ages away! But for the next month, I will have to dedicate my time to revision before I can spend the rest of that time carefree. Sometimes the motivation to revise is so difficult to find, we've all been there, and you may be experiencing  that lack of motivation at this very moment! But with exams coming up it's so important for us to revise and get ourselves in gear because we do not want to look back months from now wanting to hit ourselves for not working hard enough. That's my biggest fear. But I have found many ways to keep myself motivated to revise that I would love to share with the lovely lot of you who are either taking or are about to take your exams.

1. Follow "Studyblr" accounts on Instagram and Tumblr. A "studyblr" account is someone on social media who shares pictures of their pretty study notes, their revision hacks, share pictures of their daily progress through "100 days of productivity" and so much more. My favourite Studyblr account is called "Elkstudies" by an 18-year-old girl named Ella from Ireland. I really suggest that if you have Tumblr you follow her account, or at least stalk her feed when you need the motivation to revise. I find studyblr's so helpful because not only do they give you some great advice, but all the pretty notes and stationary really make you want to make revision a habit that you're proud of. Take a look for yourself, as I've included some pictures as an example of what you can find on a studyblr and I've included all their accounts too so you can go over and give them a follow!

Photo by:

Photo by:

Photo by:

Those are only a few of many amazing photos that can be found for inspiration, just search the #studyblr hashtag and you'll be greeted by greatness! But as a starting point, here are some other people to follow on Instagram:


2. Write a revision plan before you go to bed and tell people about it. For example, say I wanted to do 5 hours of revision tomorrow. I'd write down a plan like this:
  • Complete a past business paper
  • Revise urban and coats case studies
  • Do half of a maths paper
  • Do a character analysis on Candy & Curley's wife
  • Write up notes on the poem "The Manhunt"
Having a plan gives you something to work towards, and if you share it with someone you'll feel even more motivated as you've set yourself the expectation to finish it all! Furthermore, if they asked you "how did your revision go today?" and you didn't do it all, knowing well that you told them you were going to do however much revision, you may feel kind of embarrassed. I know I would anyway, so for me this trick really works wonders. Also ticking each thing off is super satisfying, trust me.

3. Set yourself something to look forward to! That could be a shopping trip at the weekend, a meal out at that restaurant you've been wanting to go to, or even just a night in with your friends! Rewarding yourself for all that hard work is super important because we all know how stressful revising can be sometimes. We need that bit of stress relief to keep us sane, so the idea of having something to do later can be very motivational. I especially recommend setting something to do straight after you've finished revising, so you can think to yourself "only two more hours" until you do that exciting thing!  

4. Remember why you started, and why you're doing this. Whenever you feel a lack of motivation to do some revision, just take a moment to picture the day you get your results back. You want to be happy and proud of yourself right? You don't want to turn up to results day knowing deep down that could have, and should have, done a lot more revision to prepare yourself. At the end of the day, it's your future lying in your hands, but it's not the be all end all.

I really hope that if you're in exam season that you're not too stressed! I wish you all the best of luck and believe in you all! I know everyone says it, but all you can do is try your best! Remember to have regular breaks, to drink loads of water, and find time to relaaaaxxx. You'll be great.
Lauren xx



  1. These are such lovely tips! I really love your photography too, such pretty flatlays! I wish you loads of luck with your exams, it sounds as if you'll ace them! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I love it so much! I'm currently doing my GCSE's too and I'm starting out blogging. This post is just what I needed right now so thank you!xx

  3. These are some lovely tips! I wished my revision notes looked as pretty as in those photos ^_^ hope all your exams are going well

    Sophie |

  4. Studyblr always motivate me to study, too. Seeing how pretty and organized their notes are makes me want to make mine look that good! I also love ticking off all the study tasks

    - Courtney

  5. These are such good tips! Thank you for sharing, I wasn't aware of those tumblr accounts so I will be checking them out for sure next time I have exams xx

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