Thursday, 20 October 2016

10 80s films I want to watch

I recently finished the Netflix series Stranger Things (it's all anyone ever seems to talk about nowadays) and OH MY GOD, it was so worth the hype. You know when people go on about something and you think, "Oh no, it can't be that good." Well, take my word for it, because it so is that good. Trust me.

One thing that I loved about the series is how it is set in the 80s. The clothes that they wear (I will definitely be stealing some of Nancy's outfit choices) and the soundtrack is something I fell deeply in love with. I now can't go a day without listening to 80s playlists on Spotify and have even purchased myself some glasses which very much speak "Barb."

After completing the series, I felt like watching something a bit more authentic and you know, actually filmed in the 80s. I decided to watch The Breakfast Club and my oh my was it good. I unlocked a huge crush on Brian, otherwise known as "The Brain", I don't even know why, and now my lust for watching 80s films has grown.  I don't watch films very often, but I've compiled a list of films that I've been told I must watch. And I will watch them all.

My 80s films to watch list:

  • Sixteen Candles

  • Beverly Hills Cop

  • Beetlejuice

  • Ghostbusters

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  •  Pretty in Pink

  • Dirty Dancing

  • Can't Buy Me Love

  • Gremlins

I'm so excited to make my way through this list! Watching crappy TV is okay, but I have a feeling that this will be way more entertaining. 
Have you see any of these films? If so which is your favourite? Also if you have any other 80s films you want to recommend please do share!

Much love,
Lauren xx



  1. Ferris Buellers Day Off is my absolute favourite movie! I love dirty dancing too, Lily xx

  2. I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Dirty Dancing. Dirty Dancing is my favourite movie ever! Let us know what you think of these
    Clare xx

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