Monday, 4 April 2016

5 favourite memories from my skiing trip in Bulgaria

On the 25th of March a I left for Bulgaria with about 60 students and teachers from my high school. On the trip were a mixture of different year groups, all of mixed abilities of skill in both skiing and snowboarding. We went for a week and it was such an amazing and unforgetabke trip that I decided to pick 5 of my favouite memories from the trip and share them with you. I could  have written an entire essay but luckily for you I've kept it as short, sweet and simple as I can. I hope you enjoy readind about my favourite experiences of my week in Bansko!

1. Learning how to ski in the beginner group is a great memory in itself. The opinion of our instructor Kosta was a bit mixed within the group, but personally, I found him to be such an amazing character and I completely vibed off his enthusiasm, humour and personality. I really thank him for giving me such great confidence and teaching me how to ski! At the beginning of the week, I didn't even see us going past the nursery slopes; and trust me the first few days of learning was dire and so dry. Yet on the last two days that we were up on the slopes and I managed to complete a red run, which I wouldn't have even dreamed of doing beforehand!

2. One of my favourite memories on the slopes was on a blue run. It was empty of people apart from our group, so as we were skiing along Kosta shouted from the front that for the stretch of snow ahead we should ski straight and feel the speed. I'm telling you now, feeling the wind blow straight through you at that speed, with you arms outstretched at your sides feels so exhilarating! I couldn't help but feel so alive. I'm a sucker for a good adrenaline rush and that was a feeling I will not forget. I almost started welling up from utter happiness.

3.On one of the nights, we had planned to travel down to some mineral baths. So that evening we headed on the coach to our destination. As we were driving and looking around, we couldn't help but feel that the area looked a bit dodgy. But never the less we pulled up feeling rather skeptical and got changed in what I can only call a changing room the size of a toilet room. It was not classy at all. It's safe to say that none of us wanted to be there, we had complained throughout the entire coach journey, and we couldn't believe that the three different sized pools that we saw outside were supposed to be "natural mineral baths". However, as soon as our bodies hit the water everything changed. IT WAS SO WARM! As well as so relaxing. All I can say is don't judge a book by its cover because the time we spent there was an absolute blast.

4. For the last night we spent in Bansko, we headed into the old village to have a traditional Bulgarian dinner. The town was absolutely beautiful, I just wish we had someone to explain its history, the beautiful buildings, and why the trees had string tied to the branches. The starter was delicious, however I wasn't too keen on the main course. I'm all for trying new food and learning about new cultures though, which is more than I can say for the majority of people I knew there! But my favourite memory from that night was the trio of men playing a harmonium, clarinet and drum. They played us a mixture of classic bulgaian songs as well as other well know tunes such as the macarena and the chicken dance song! I cheered them along the whole way and they brought with them so much entertainment and hapiness!

5. Last but not least, a highlight of my trip was getting to know everyone! In school everyone seems to stick to their own group of people, however when on a trip together people are a lot more laidback and open. I spoke to a variety of people younger and older than me and everyone seemed to get along! I spoke to people on the plane, in my ski group, and just in general, who I've seen around school but would have never thought of making conversation with before. For that week we spent together it was like we were one big family.


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