Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How I Revise: Science

Since I've got my GCSE's coming up in the next month, (which may be a shock to some of you as a lot of people think I'm a lot older than I actually am and a lot of my readers are older than me) I've decided to do a revision series. I'm also going to aim more of my posts at teenagers around my age. I realised I haven't been doing that and it would make a lot of sense for me to do so! However, I'll still be writing posts for all of you who don't fit in that category too, so don't give up on me just yet! I  feel like switching things up this way will make blogging a bit easier! Anyways, here is the first post in my revision series!

How I revise: Science

Science is one of my least favourite subjects, and the fact that it's split into three different subjects, with nine lessons across my two-week timetable, makes it that much worse. However, it's the subject that I find myself revising for the most due to the fact that it includes the most material to remember. When revising science I like to do an hour at a time and have breaks in between, however sometimes when I'm on a roll I can revise for two hours straight. That only happens on really good days, though.

I always make sure I've got the following things with me when I revise for science:

  • A cup of decaf coffee
  • A snack (today I chose smarties, I hope it helps)
  • A lit candle (right now I'm burning one from Primark that smells of oriental spice and ginger)
  • Some highlighters
  • My notebook, revision guide, and a pen
  • Optional: sometimes I'll play my revision playlist, it's completely instrumental so I'm not distracted.

I recently bought a notebook with plastic dividers to separate each subject (biology, chemistry and physics) from each other. What I like to do is go through all the different sub-topics in my revision guide, and write up each page as a shortened down version. This way I save myself the pain of writing down every single word so that I'm focused on the key points! Right now I'm writing up all of B4 (which might make sense if you take OCR science). After that, I'll write up C4 and P4!

Once everything is written up I will go back through my notes and highlight all the important key points that I must remember, such as equations, keywords, definitions and so on. This means that I return back to my work and recap all the information.

Once again I will go over my notes, but this time, I will summarise it all on an A3 mind map! I like revisiting my notes in a hope that somehow the information will find itself stored in my brain, to be remembered when I sit down for my actual test. Hopefully, it will all work out for me.

I also make myself a contents page at the front of my notebook, so that I can find the information I need quickly.

 With subjects full of so much information, my main technique is repetition. Everyone revises differently, and this is my preferred way of revising science!

If you're taking your GCSE's soon, I hope this has been interesting for you! Maybe you'll try this way yourself, or maybe you think your way of revising is better! But if you're reading this and have already done your GCSE's, how did you revise science? I'd love to know!

Have a good week lovelies,
Lauren xx

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  1. I'm doing my GCSEs next month too and this was super useful even if I have already started to form my ideas for revision and that. We do OCR for science as well but 21st century as opposed to Gateway. Good luck for your GCSEs and I'm sure you will do brilliant! Love, Cass xxx



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