Tuesday, 27 September 2016

PHOTO DIARY: September 2016

September has been a somewhat eventful month, mostly because I started sixth form, which is actually turning out to be not as bad as I imagined it would be.Like, it's not total hell. I thought I'd pick my favourite photos from the month, in date order, so you can kind of get a glimpse into my past month. Also this would be nice to look back at in the future.

September 2nd 2016 
Myself and 3 of my close friends took a train into the city together the week before we started sixth form. Our main aim of the day (well mine anyway) was to buy stationary. We did get a bit carried away in Paperchase when we spotted these glasses, I mean they were too good not to take a picture. Personally, I feel we really pulled them off... especially those bike glasses, they were definitely a winner. 

September 2nd 2016
That same day I got surprise visit from Bertie. Bertie is my friends ex-neighbour's dog. It's hard to explain, but the dog is not hers, however she dog sits on a pretty regular basis and I always go to visit when possible. I'm a big dog fan me. Anyway, Bertie is the most adorable little pup and I was so pretty to see him and his beautiful face. This picture makes me sooooo happy. 

September 8th 2016
You know those really cringe feet photos you would do in year 7 with your friends? Yeah well we did that on our 2nd day of year 12. But I thought it was super cute, and embodies the start of a two year journey between all of us. I can't even explain how much each of these feet owners mean to me (yes feet owners). They will be my rock throughout A-Levels.

September 18th 2016
This was a very special day. My dad bought me a Macbook Pro for doing well in my GCSE's and so I could do all my sixth form on it. But not only is it great for sixth form works, it beats my old laptop by miles, so writing blog posts and editing videos is so much easier and I'm super grateful.  

September 19th 2016
September the 19th signifies the start of an addiction. That addiction being the TV show "Victoria" on ITV. Admitted I was just a bit late to the bandwagon, but I binged watched all 5 episodes that were out so I could start watching it weekly every Sunday evening. Each week waiting for the next episode of Victoria is most definitely going to drag out, but I love it so I can forgive. 


September 22nd 2016

I went to visit Abbi and Bertie again and oh it was a good time. Bertie and I took plenty of selfies. I always tell him that I'm going to marry him one day but I don't think he's convinced. Mostly because he's a dog and only understands the terms "sit", "food" and "walk". No but I actually think I'm in love with him. I ship us if I'm honest. Hashtag #Lertie is a thing.

September 24th 2016
On this day we went bowling; I bought myself a pinafore and parted my hair differently for the ocasion and I felt very spiffy. I started the night thinking that I like bowling but then overtime I got get impatient and stroppy; I'm so competitive, its kind of funny really. I swear this happens every time I go bowling aha, I'm a mess. 

Overall I've had a good month. But I'm SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS IT'S GOING TO BE BLISS. Autumn, Halloween, bonfire night, CHRISTMAS! I'm hoping that as soon as the leaves start turning orange I start to creep out of my lonely stage and feel more alive (even though all the leaves are dying and stuff). Maybe in the next 3 months I could meet someone who changes my life, do something to be proud of, or make memories I will never make. I've still got 3 months to make 2016 great. I can't wait.

What's been your favourite part of this month?
Lots of love,
Lauren xx


  1. Those pictures look great!
    I remember when my parents bought me my Macbook, it was an adventure of a lifetime! Also, Bertie is the cutest!!!

    Lissanne ~ awkward-overload.blogspot.com

    1. Isn't he just! And thank you so much Lissanne.
      Lauren xx

  2. Great post xx The photos are lovely and Bertie is so cute! It's lovely to see a bit of your month I think my favorite part of this month was going shopping and then Me, my best friend and sister booked a trip to England and we will be there on bonfire night too :D


    1. Thank you Hollie!! You must go to a fireworks display while you are over here! I hope you love England (:
      Lauren xx

  3. This photos are great, I'm obsessed with Victoria as well, I watch it every Sunday even if I have to pause doing physics homework for it. Lovely post xx

    Sophie's Spot


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