Saturday, 24 October 2015

Liebster Award

Hey guys, hope you're all doing okay! I'm in a jolly good mood this evening as I write this, so  decided it would be the perfect time to answer the following questions as part of my nomination for the Leibster Award. I've been nominated by two lovely people; Georgie from Pixels & Pine and Sara from About The Little Things. 

Here are the rules that I have been given:
1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Answer the 10 questions set by the nominator
3. Create 10 new questions for 10 bloggers you nominate
4. Comment on your nominees blog with a link to your blog to let them know they've been nominated

Because I was nominated twice, I decided to answer both sets of questions, so here they are!

1. What made you start blogging?
I've always had a love for writing, but never a reason too! After reading a few blogs and being introduced to such a great platform and community, I learnt that blogging 
opens up a whole world of creative space for people like me . 

2. Do you sleep on your front, back or side?
All three!!

3. Name three things you couldn't live without
My family and friends (that counts as one, duh)
Food and water silly!

4. What is your favourite place in the world?
I adore where my grandparents live in Poland!

5. What's your favourite TV series?
The Office (US)!!

6. What would you change in your life right now if you could
I would change that my Dad has to work so much, it sucks and I wish he could be home more :(

7. Windows or Mac?
I'm not sure, I use Windows but I think I'd prefer Mac.

8. If you could go back in time, what time period would you go?
The swinging sixties! (I'm thinking along the line of Hairspray, that looked like a lot of fun.) Or to a period where there were no phones and I could live on a farm, read books, help harvest potatoes, pick apples, look after horses in the stables etc. Basically I would love to have live like Anne from Anne of Green Gables.

9. Most inspirational person to you?
Apart from my dad, I'd say my neighbour's daughter's boyfriend. He started out selling and designing gym clothes with his friend in the backroom of their houses, and since then they've grew their own company which as become one of the UK's largest fitness wear brands, Gymshark. He has managed to accomplish so many things at such a young age of 23, and I aspire to work my ass off to be able to do some of the things he can now do. 

10. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


1. Die Standing or live kneeling?

Live Kneeling.

2. You in 3 words

Always wanting food

3. Favourite clothing brand?

I loveeeee Urban Outfitters clothing

4. How many secrets do you have?

Between you and me, this blog is a bit of a secret, only 3 of my friends know about it!! (shh)

5. Underlining or using text markers?

Are text markers high lighter, because high lighters are my fave

6. Your biggest fear?


7. Grumpy in the morning?

Yes very, I wish I was one of those people who gets up early everyday outwith ever thinking twice and is always wide awake

8. Did you ever want to give up blogging & if yes, why?

I've only been blogging for 2 months, so not yet, but I hope that I don't

9. Favourite song?

I'll pick three to make it easier for myself

1.  At the moment I'm loving Perfect by One Direction.
2. Cattle & Cane - Dancing
3. Des'ree - Kissing you

10. Which bloggers inspire you? 
I am inspired by so many different bloggers every day that I can't just name a few!!

So those were my answers!
Now I nominate:
Kat from Chapters Of Kat
Emma from Unf4bul0us
Robyn from Hey There Robyn
Stephanie from SR Photography
Charlene from Tartan Mouth
Jasmine from Blogsallbeautyy
Grace from Grace Blogs Life
and Giuliette from Giuliette Blog

My questions for you are:
1. Who do you think kids these day should admire to be like?
2. What's your favourite rainy day song?
3. Tea or Coffee?
4. What was/is your favourite subject at school and why?
5.  Who's a blogger that deserves more followers and readers?
6. What were your favourite meal as a child?
7. What is the worst film you've ever seen?
8. Starbucks or Costa?
9. Where's the best place you've ever visited?
10. Do you have your own personal mug? What does it look like?

Have a brilliant Saturday everyone!! (or whatever day of the week you're reading this on, have a good one c; )
Much love,



  1. Such a lovely post. I started watching The Office last night and i'm so hooked, its so good.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

    1. It's not on UK Netflix anymore though! I'm heart broken!! :'(
      Lauren x

  2. Ah, I loved reading this post! All of your answers are so lovely and it just makes me feel as though I'm best friends with you!! I agree with what you said about wanting to grow up where there was no phones. That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?!

    Jade xx |


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