Thursday, 1 October 2015

Telling you my weird dreams #2

 Welcome back to "Telling you my weird dreams"! This one is a bit more of a novel than a dream (okay, debatable, but I think it could easily be the next blockbuster movie). Any whom, its very weird so this makes it absolutely perfect to write about. It's also very very long, so be warned.

(bare in mind that I can't remember every single detail, so I've written it to work around what I do remember and what I think I saw. I am no author, I'm just explaining my dream to you all :3 )

The dream starts on a plane. From what I recall, my family and I were told that we were heading to a safe place, because that due to climate change and the shortage of water, we needed to escape. So everything was fine and dandy up in the sky, until the captain of the plane decided to break his bad news, that everyone aged 10 to 20 had their last chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. There was a lot of crying and screaming about what was going on, but it was all cut off by a sudden blackness.

I woke up with my brother lying next to me, in what looked like a school hall where assemblies are held. Along the hall were windows with ugly patterned curtains drawn closed, and on either side there were two wooden doors, one that led into a kitchen (that led to a bathroom), and  another that was locked closed. After exploring the contents of the hall, kitchen and bathroom, we found a bath full of water, a few bananas, breakfast bars and a note that read: "This is all you have. We need your help. Good luck." I remember rationing the food and water, too scared to draw open the curtains to see what was outside. The taps didn't work, so we could only drink water from the bath, and never washed. What a sweet life.

A day or two later, I got fed up of moping around, missing family, and being completely traumatized with what was going on. While my brother was sleeping I cracked open the curtains to get a glimpse of the outside world. For as far as the eye could see was a dry expanse of land,  with little shacks polka dotted around the place. I saw a big group of people walk together, with one guy at the front who I assumed was their leader. Suddenly a face sprung up in font of the window and I screamed, waking up my brother. At the locked door, we heard repetitive thumps and banging as they tried to get inside. The face at the window abruptly stormed through the door, their slim and frail body pouncing at me, clasping their hands around my neck. (Like dude, what did I ever do?) Even though they looked weak, they were very strong, but he decided to stop and put these headphones that came out of nowhere (logic) and placed them on my head. In utter panic I pressed the headphones into my ears and listened; it was a muffled voice screaming at me in desperation, trying to tell me where I could find "the water". But they were cut off- maybe by a government? The face turned out to be a boy but he ran off , and the group I saw outside walked in the hall.

The group took me and my brother in. (I can't remember what happened before then). They took us up to a long line of cars that had people in. They explained that when someone got sick, they would lock them in cars so they couldn't spread their illness, because it was highly contagious and extremely dangerous. Also, they were impossible to kill, they could only die a slow and natural death. So basically ,they kept them in their to die. In one car, I noticed a woman inside with two sparse looking dogs, one eating at her dead body, the other yapping and scratching at the window, trying to escape I guess. Or just going mad. That's where my dream ended. Nice.

I'm sorry if I scared you half to death with my weird dream, It was after I finished "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials", so my only guess is that it was inspired by that. I actually quite enjoyed it surprisingly!!

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