Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Two Favourites Tuesday #3

Guess who's back with their two favorites on a Tuesday? Only me of course!! This past week I've been really in love with a lot of things and it wasn't hard to pick two favourites at all, in fact, it was a piece of cake!

I've been a little ickle bit obsessed with a certain game called Animal Crossing (wild world that is, not new leaf, I'm old school). A bit obsessed to the point where me and my friend Sophie will go to each others houses to visit our towns; to help weed, exchange furniture, and even play hide and seek. I'm serious. If you didn't know, Animal Crossing is a game usually played on the Nintendo ds/dsi/3ds etc. of which you live in your own town full of little animal critters who live in their own cute little houses. There isn't really an "aim" to this game. You can go fishing, catch bugs, dig up fossils, grow your own garden, decorate and upgrade your house (with the hassle of mortgages) and so much more! I used to play it so often when I was younger, on both my DS and my Wii, and recently discovered it in my sisters room. Lets just say, I'm in love again, and I have no shame. None. Zero.

Secondly, a favourite of mine for the past 7 days has been wearing little to no makeup. My face had been feeling really dry and icky recently, and I didn't particularly think that shoving a tonne of makeup on my skin would make matters any better. So I slathered myself in moisturiser, brushed through my eyebrows, and dared to go bare. At first I felt a bit cautious, walking up and down the school corridors feeling like I might scare someone to death, but then it started to feel really good! I had an extra twenty minutes in the morning to do whatever I would like, and no one was judgmental at all! (at least not to my face). I've started wearing makeup again now, but not as much, just a little mascara and concealer, to help me through the day. Saying that I'll probably end up with a full face of makeup tomorrow. Nah.

What have you been loving this past week?
Much love,

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