Sunday, 1 November 2015

10 Reasons why November is great

1. Bonfire Night, my second favourite celebration of the year! Who doesn't love pretty fireworks, a toasty warm bonfire, and endless amounts of food? Also being able to spend time with your family, it's a great excuse to bring everyone together and enjoy yourself!

2. After Bonfire night is over, there's nothing else to look forward to (apart from birthdays maybe), so what's next? With Christmas upon the horizon it's totally acceptable to start celebrations early! Well at least I think it is! Christmas is over before it really even starts so if you start getting into the Christmas spirit early you've got loads of time to enjoy being festive!

3. It gets dark so much earlier now, which can be a burden for us bloggers, I mean have you tried squeezing in taking photos before the sun sets? It's hard work and 50% of the time it's too dim and nothing seems to come out how we want it. However it does make the season feel much more cosier, being able to come back from a long busy day and sipping on your favourite drink with your best candles lit when only half 5 is the best.

4. Movember! Some sexy men are going to be growing out some even sexier moustaches and all for a great cause too!  Moustaches can transform people, for better and for worse and it's a lot of fun to watch.

5. World kindness day is in November!! I've got a lot of big plans for it this year, and I really wished it was more recognised because I don't think it's something that many people take into account. There's so many way's people can put their kindness into action, even just donating a small amount to charity it good enough. They'll be a big blog post about the day and how you can do your bit in the forthcoming future so watch this space.

6. It's still Autumn, aka the best season ever, so there's still time to rock your autumnal outfits and not have to wrap up too warm until the chilling winter reaches us. You still have time to tick off the activities from your Autumn  Bucket lists so don't fret!

7. Costa start using their cute cute Christmas cups this year and release their Christmas drinks! Their Christmas hot chocolates are TO DIE FOR,  and the cups just make it so much better! (unpopular opinion: I think they're better than the Starbucks cups to be honest *gasp*) Think of all the great Instagram opportunities though!! Relish it boo.

8. Mocking Jay Part 2. I am not ready, I am not worthy, I don't know how I will cope. I'll probably being a sobbing mess throughout, but I'll have to deal with it. I'm so freaking excited.

9. Garden centres are bliss this time of year! Christmas decoration will be out and if you're like me you'll be spending hours looking at all the different baubles, wreaths, and adorable winter villages. My goal in life is to become rich so I can create a room for my own winter village like this couple, they are who I want to become in life.

10. Christmas markets open. I know this whole post is Christmas but I couldn't care less, Christmas markets are the best! In Birmingham they do German Markets through the streets, the whole place is completely transformed and the smell is something of a dream! Carousels,  a massive Christmas tree, homemade candy canes, German sausages, fruit dipped in melted chocolate, it's like a beautiful holiday haven.

I'm in the most festive spirit and I'm LOVING IT!
What's your favourite part of November?
Much love,



  1. I think November is such a good part of November! I also love bonfire night ! Great post lauren x

    1. Thank you!! You're always so nice and it melts my heart, thank you for always making my day!
      Lauren xx

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