Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Two Favourites Tuesday #5: Babbling some beauty nonsense

Happy Tuesday!! I almost ran home last night to take a photo for this post before it got dark, and I'll tell you that as much as I love Autumn I'm fed up with not being able to take decent photos because I'm rushing. Any how, on a more positive note it's Tuesday so that means another of my two favourites!

I love the autumn berry lips trend,but just too scared to try it for myself,so I use a safer alternative! When on holiday in Spain my Dad told me to pick something out and he'd buy it, so I spent ages at the Mac lipstick counter looking at all the different shades and swatching them on the back of my hand (because that's what all the beauty guru's do). I finally picked out this beautiful shade in "Kinda Sexy" and I think it's a really good shade for this time of year, as well as it being very subtle, so I've been loving wearing it recently! But i'm no beauty blogger so don't quote me on that.

Continuing on the talk of beauty (what am I getting myself into?) I've been really enjoying the Infallible 24 hour Foundation. It's a teeny weeny bit too dark for me so I mix it with a bit of moisturiser and then it's fine! I can't describe it in a professional beauty blogger style way and pretend that I know what I'm on about,because I clearly don't, but it was suggested to me, it's good, it does the job, and I like it!

Any lipsticks that you adore that you could suggest to me? I need to brave up!!
Much love,



  1. I still haven't tried a mac lipstick yet! But I would recommend the red lipsticks from Rimmel in the Kate Moss collection, I've got one in 01 xx
    Sophie| ssophiespot.blogspot.com

    1. I'll definitely pick one up soon! (:
      Lauren x

  2. I don't own mac lipstick but I love this one! I'm scared too to try berry shade, even if I like them on other people! I actually got two from rimmel, but I'm so insicure about it! I feel more confident with this kind of shade.. I will think about it, this lipstick is really pretty! xx

    federica | www.federicamattioli.blogspot.it

    1. I love it on other people but can never brave up, I'd feel silly! Tones like the above are the way to go if you're not too confident in bright lipsticks! (:


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