Friday, 11 September 2015

5 types of photos worthy for your Instagram.

Oh Instagram, how could I go without it? I can sit on my bed with a hot cup of tea in my hand and scroll until my thumb gets weak. There's something about photos that really appeal to me, for a photo can speak a thousand words right? However there are some photos that should and most definitely should not be posted onto Instagram for many various reasons. Therefore today I'm going to list the ten types of photos that are worthy for your Instagram feed.

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@bunnymama @pointless blog  @tanyaburr

1. Photos of your pets or cute baby animals!! Who really can resist fluffy and adorable creatures on their screen? Only people with no heart or emotion, that's who! Post a cute picture of an animal and you're bound to get those double taps for sure, having people "aww"ing and "how cute!"ing all day long! (Disclaimer:  Be careful, otherwise I might have to take your beloved pet off your hands) I can't help it.

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@alexisren @jayalverez @chiaraferragni

2. Travel pictures! Unfortunately enough, I don't happen to have enough money or time to travel 24/7  in amazing counties with amazing beaches and picturesque scenes. I wish. So by taking pictures of your holiday away, people can engage with your experience through your Instagram feed. (As well as cry that they're not playing in the sea with you.) As much as seeing people away on holiday creates a great amount of jealousy, it makes me happy to see where people are travelling and enjoying their time away. (While I'm at home in dreary England with nothing better to do)

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@velvetgh0st @lattesunset @connorfranta

3. Coffee. The definition of Instagram is coffee art. Instagram without coffee is just a place of which where people post un-coffee related photo's. That doesn't sound like Instagram to me. A great moment to take this photo is while you're impatiently waiting for your coffee to cool down, this way it will minus at least a few minutes of your waiting time. Bonus!

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4. Your food! Wait there, hold up, food? I don't care what people say! Posting photo's of your food is great! As long as it's every so often, colorful and taken just right, then you've got my mind and my stomach's attention! Just please, whatever you do, don't take a picture of your bowl of beans, or your half eaten macaroni cheese. I'm happy for you and all, but really? What wen't through your mind when you thought, "you know what, this plate of food isn't merely attractive, but I'm going to post a photo anyway"? If you do this, I still love you, but am shaking my head slowly behind my phone is disappointment.

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@zozeebo @kendalljenner @okayaleks

5. Your gorgeous selfies!! I know each any every one of you are flawless, so don't be ashamed!! (as long as every photo you post isn't of you, it can come across as a bit obnoxious. I mean, its great to love yourself, do you!! But some people can find this annoying, me included.) Selfies are the bee's knees, so find the best lighting and pull your best serious face, then bam, you are the selfie queen.

What else do you consider "Instagram worthy" photos?
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  1. Great post! These are definitely the most common pictures you see on Instagram, but I can see why. Plus, everyone loves a good selfie! I really want to step up my Instagram game (thank god for filters & brightness editing), as it works really well alongside blogging. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  2. Travel photos and cute animals get me every time! I love travel bloggers who have an amazing sense of style as well, emmalucey and leahliyah are worth checking out!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'


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