Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hey guys, hope you've had a fabulous day! I was recently nominated by Makinglifeacamera, to do the love/hate tag. The rules are simple, you state ten things that you love, ten things you hate, and then tag ten other bloggers to also take part in challenge!

Things that I love:

1. Funfairs, especially the ones in our local park. I love when the sky is pitch black but the park is illuminated from the lights of the rides. I especially love the funfair we have on bonfire night, with a massive bonfire, colorful fireworks, and don't even get me started in the food!! Fun fairs make me happy.

2. When it's freezing cold, so I snuggle up in my warmest pajamas and light all my favorite candles, then watch kinda crappy evening TV but  love it anyway

3. Cucumber, salad cream and brown bread sandwiches.  Yum!

4. Baking. I don't do it as often as I'd like, but when I do it's so therapeutic and satisfying, it's like my stress relief. Oh, and I get to eat all the goodies after.

5. Reading books, any place, any where. I used to be so obsessed with reading but I grew out of it quite a lot. However, if I ever pick up a book, 9/10 times I get so sucked in and obsessed, and wonder how I ever went so long without reading something.

6. Weddings. I love them so much, and think they're such a beautiful way to celebrate love. I'm a tad obsessed really. This is why I would love with all my heart to become a wedding planner, as helping couples create their dream wedding to suit their personalities and style seems like such a fulfilling and amazing thing to do.

7. Experimenting with drawing and painting.

8. I love love love lovvveeeeee, decorating the Christmas tree in December, while blasting out some classic Christmas songs and eating mince pies. It just gives me a warm feeling in my heart and fills me with so much happiness.

9. Cooking dinner for myself. Of course I love mums dinner but when everyone is out and I get to cook food for my self I really enjoy experimenting and following healthy recipes I find off blogs and Pinterest. I actually have a board dedicated to healthy meals that you can find here.

10. My family and my boyfriend. Duh.

Things that I hate:

1. Coconut. *gags*

2. Having Raynaud's phenomenon/disease/syndrome. This is where in really cold temperatures my fingers and toes go numb and yellow at the tips. It's often quite painful, especially when the blood flow starts again, and I get terrible pins in needles. The best way to understand what it is, is by reading about it here.

3.  Revision. It's horrid but I have to do it. (sad face :( )

4. People who discriminate against gender, sexuality, and race.

5. When I run out of shampoo or conditioner, I don't know why, but it angers me.

6. When someone acts like they know how you feel or what you've done. Say for example, someone might say I've had an attitude all day, when I felt perfectly fine and happy. Then even if I insist that I haven't, they act like they know what goes on inside my brain and it just pushes all my buttons. UGH.

7. When people mock or joke about sexuality, gender, race, religion, profession. Especially when people use words such as "faggot", "bent", "gender bender" etc. then I loose the plot entirely. Screw you.

8. I hate the fact that so many people in the world don't have access to clean water, while Las Vegas has a massive water show, and we keep whales and dolphins inside of tanks for "entertainment". Good job guys.

9. Gammon. It just makes me think of sliced, sweaty pigs. Sorry not sorry.

10. The fact that the Maze Runner movies aren't based on the books, but instead are adaptations. It makes me so sad because I wanted to see what I read played out visually, but I can't and it destroys me. :'(

Now to nominate 10 people to do this tag!!
I nominate:
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Thanks for reading, make sure to tell me one thing you love and hate!!



  1. Thanks for tagging me lovely! I'm looking forward to doing this as it looks like a fun post.
    I agree with all the things you love (I love them too!!) and I'm going to take a look at your 'Healthy meals' board on Pinterest. I love to experiment with food. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Tell me how they go, some have come out great and others have come out disgusting!! It's all trial and error (:
      Lauren xx


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