Friday, 4 September 2015

My "New Year" School Resolutions.

This time next week, school will have started up again. Early mornings, homework, revision, all the things in this world that I love the most! Not. I am the most unorganised person and it's shameful how lazy I am to get work done. I envy people who seem to have their life all together. You know, the ones who revise everyday, get homework done the day they get it, while managing to fit in exercise and extra curricular activities? These people actually exist believe it or not! However I am not one of them, as much as I'd like to be. So I'm challenging myself to some "new year" resolutions now that my last school year has started. It's time to really make it count.

My first resolution is to do my homework as soon as I get home. By that I mean as soon as I walk through my front door. This way I will be motivated to get it out of the way so I can spend the rest of my evening stress free. This will result in me not panicking the night before about that massive maths sheet I should've completed days ago, which will be fab because I might actually get the amount of sleep I need!

My second resolution is to go to bed early. There have been many occasions where I told myself I'd get off my phone at a certain time, then realise hours later it's one in the morning and I need to be up in five hours. But I'm going to be the responsible one now! I will put away my phone at least half an hour before the time I want to go to bed, and I will not be distracted by Netflix!! Who's with me?? (I realise the answer is no one, but we can at least try right?)

This next resolution is one I know I can do. It's to use my daily planner that I bought  from WHSmith. (Shown in the picture above.) At my high school, they hand out these ugly school planners that after the first week of term end up lost, soaked from the rain, or shredded to pieces. So with this one, I shall look after it as if it was my own child and pretend I'm as super organised as it will make me look. I will write in all my homework, revision sessions and anything else I might need to jot down and remember. Ooh look at me and my sleek little planner, pretending that I know what I'm doing with my life. Ha, I'll fool them.

My final resolution is to work as hard as I can. To revise whenever I get the chance. This year is going to be so bloody stressful, but in the end, if I try my best and achieve the grades that I'm hoping for, all the stress will be worth it. At least that's what I've been told. I'll squeeze in bits of fun along the way, but this year will be my year. I'm gonna smash it.

If you're going back to school what're your "new year" resolutions? If not, any advice on tackling my last year of school?
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  1. Good luck with these resolutions! I would also recommend you use your lunch times/ breaks to do any work you need to do. It helps in the long run, I promise :)

  2. I'm exactly the same! When I was in year 7 I used to do my homework the day I got it, but that soon fizzzled out and I spent every Sunday doing a weeks worth of homework! I recommend revising little and often, even months before any exams, that way you won't be stressed out having to learn the entire syllabus in a week! :)

    Katie @

  3. Great advice!! Thank you!!
    Lauren xx


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