Monday, 21 September 2015

Easy ways to warm up your living space for autumn.

It's September and that means one thing. Autumn. One of my favourite things about Autumn is decorating my room, transitioning from bright, sunny colours, to burnt oranges, dark greens, and browns in the Autumn. Today I  finally felt it was time to warm up my living space in time for the falling leaves. (I'm still waiting)

Here are  three easy ways to make your living space feel autumn ready!

1. Autumn collages
First off, I went on to Pinterest and found a load of cute autumnal pictures, focusing on ones that contained really warm colours and nice quotes. I then found a frame that I had filled with a load of tropical/beach pictures that I had on display throughout summer. To replace the old pictures I printed out my favourite autumnal pictures from Pinterest, cut them out, and placed them inside the photo frame to make my own autumn collage! I think once placed on my window sill, straight away my rooms felt a lot more warm and season ready. You can find cheap frames in charity shops, and even Poundland!

2. Autumn plants
The other day my little sister went for a walk and decided to collect a bunch of pine cones, which was great for me because she let me use them for my room. I think pine cones are so beautiful, I mean they may not seem like much, but I just love them and their autumnal vibes. (drinking game, drink a shot every time I use the word autumnal or autumn in this post) So I placed them strategically around my room, then bam, already ten times better. I also found these twigs in the conservatory that have some sort of orange berries on them, so I nicked those and placed them in my room too! I think we got ours in our local garden centre. Super cute, super autumnal, much love.

3. Lighting
Last but not least, lighting, I'm talking about fairy lights and candles.It's so important!!  If you have these two things in your room, then you're doing something right. Right now I'm crushing on some acorn fairy lights that I found in TK Maxx, which I SO regret not picking up because they were absolutely adorable and I can't find them anywhere online. Oh well, candles will always do. *sulks*



So there you go!! If I was going full throttle I'd buy a nice throw, and scout out a squash or some pumpkins in the supermarket, but for some reason today is incredibly sunny and I don't like it, it's hurting my eyes. 

Have you started decking out your bedroom or house for Autumn yet?
Much love,



  1. This post has made me so exiected for autumn

  2. Can't wait to decorate my room! Halloween is coming :) thanks for your tips honey!



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