Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Telling you my weird dreams #1

I've decided to create a little series on my blog to share with you some of my weird and wonderful dreams, as I love listening to what goes on in peoples brains while they're asleep, and thought that so might you! Every time I have a weird dream or remember a weird dream that I want to share, I'll try as best as I can to write it up in words so we can share the odd stories that occur in my mind together. I thought it would bring something fresh and original to my blog, so I hope you enjoy!!

Okay so this is a dream I had a couple of weeks ago that I absolutely love sharing with people. It started with me sitting at a dressing table in my room (odd since I don't have one), looking in bewilderment at my eyebrows. I wanted them to be perfect so I grabbed a tweezers and plucked away, without thinking about what I was really doing. I know one thing though, and that is that I wanted a strong eyebrow game that people would say were "on fleek". However, every time I plucked, the hair just wasn't going anywhere. Like it just kept growing back! Fed up, I got a shaver and started trying to remove my eyebrow hair this way. (I actually tried this once when I was in year 7, please I beg you do not do this). Obviously, I ended up shaving my whole eyebrow off, I mean duh what else was going to happen. Therefore, in distress I had no other hope but calling the EYEBROW REPAIR MAN. Imagine if that was a thing though, wouldn't that be like the best thing ever? Anyway. So the guy came over and inspected my brows, then introduced me to his dog. For any of you wondering, the dog looked like this. Yes somehow I remember what the dog looked like. His dog was more than happy to help, so picked up an eyebrow pencil from thin air and drew my eyebrow back on for me. You know, because dogs are talented at that sort of thing. Drawing on eyebrows. Then that's where my dream ended there. What puzzled me the most is why when I woke up, I actually thought the dream was real and a dog really did draw on my eyebrow. Hm.

Should an eyebrow repair man/lady be a thing? Also, feel free to share any of your weird dreams with me in the comments!!
Much love,



  1. haha wow this dream is soo funny! I think you are really brave for sharing your dreams, they can tell a lot about a person! :)

    1. Maybe it's trying to tell me that I need to get my eyebrows done!! haha
      Lauren xx


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