Friday, 18 September 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words.

  My Nan sadly passed away over the weekend, and while looking for pictures to display at her wake, we came across hundreds and hundreds of old photos, from when she was a young child, all the way to the last Christmas we spent together. They were kept in Nan's house and we managed to haul together a heaving amount of memories. Although the reasoning of which we came across these photos were sad, my Mum and I spent ages looking through Nan's old scrapbooks and postcards, as well as laughing at pictures of dad from when he was just a little kid. My little brother looks just like him and it's quite scary; I fear for the kid.

Straight away when flicking through photos and albums, you could smell the cigarette smoke that would've been circulating through the air of her house for years and years. Although part of me hates the smell, while I had the photos in my hand all I could smell was her and not the harsh hit of it at the back of my head. There were photos of Nan posing in a photo booth with my Aunt Debbie, one perched at her desk, another of her lounging at the beach, so many beautiful stories that could've been told. That's one thing that I regret, not finding these albums sooner. Their were so many faces that I didn't recognise, as well pictures of Nan and Granddad on holiday somewhere abroad. I wish that we could've gone through it together, so she could bring the pictures alive and explain the story behind each one. I would get Granddad too, but we have never been that close, not the way me and Nan were.

I also found a ton of photos of me, twinkling a wand in my hand, sat in my favorite chair that was covered in bears, and sitting outside my Wendy house, looking right chuffed with myself. It was weird looking back at, but I couldn't help but laugh at what a pose I was, my chubbiness making me look even funnier. I thought I was a child model, and to be honest I'm surprised I wasn't, because I looked like a natural. Shame I'm not now though, sorry mini me for not pursuing your dream.

It was so heartwarming to look back at photos, especially the one of before I was born, the fashion sense and the Polaroid pictures. I had to take some of them to keep for myself before giving them back to Granddad. So many untold stories, but such beautiful pictures.

Much love,



  1. I am really sorry to hear about your nan, I hope you are okay. At least you have all these memories that you can look back on and remember what a great life she had x :)

  2. Despite the sorrow, I quite enjoyed reading about your warm memories; it was as though you took me on your journey. I am sorry to hear about your nan's passing and my condolences to you and your family Xx


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