Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Emergency High School Kit.

School is a place full of sweaty humans strolling the corridors like dead zombies. Not just that, but girls. Girls who get periods and cramps and needs. If you're a girl like me, you'd know that in high school, you're going to be asked for one of  following: pads, spray, paracetamol and chewing gum. It's just going to happen and there's not much that we can really do about it. Apart from be a super human of course, who carries all these necessities around with them, then you're the coolest (and nicest) kid on the block. So I've decided to gather all the products I would ever need during my school day and stuff it into one of my makeup bags. I'm going to need these things too, so I might as well have them in one place rather than  let them loose in my bag (we all know the problems that will cause). So this is what's inside my emergency high school kit.

1. First and most obvious one. Pads and tampons. Most females bleed, and often unexpectedly. There are sometimes moments when you crap your pants (almost literally) when you come on and find out you don't have anything with you. Therefore, finding someone who does is the best and you just want to squeeze them for being your lifesaver.

2. With periods come cramps. Great. And oh no, you don't have any pain killers! Fear no more, Lauren carries a bunch in her emergency high school kit and now the pain will be gone and you shall be freeeee!!! *applause*

3.Deodorant and body spray. People smell. Don't be one of those people. That is all. If so, I shall save you and all shall be well.

4 I always carry tissues with me. I'm greeted with colds in autumn to winter, and hay fever throughout spring and summer. It's like a full blown snot storm!! Tissues = needed.

5. Moisturiser! I always suffer with dry skin and without moisturiser I'd be flakier than a Cadbury's chocolate flake. Trust me on that one.

6.. Chap stick and lip scrub are a must, especially the bubble gum one from Lush. I sometimes end up just eating it out the jar, anyone else? My lips are dryer than the Sahara Desert so gotta keep those lips moisturised!!

7. Hair bobbles. Every P.E lesson I hear the words shouted across the changing rooms, "HAS ANYBODY GOT A SPARE HAIR BOBBLE?". Be their hero, they will owe you.

8. Last but not least, concealer. Before school my face could be blemish free, but by lunch time I will feel unwanted spots sprout upon my face. Not cool. So it's always great to carry concealer around in case you or any of your friends end up in that position and feel your self esteem drop. As Elsa would say, conceal don't feel. 

That's all! Anything I'm missing that you would but in your emergency kit?



  1. This post really made me laugh haha, wow girls are very high maintenance aren't we?! I can't go anywhere without a lip balm, it's an absolute must have!!

    Toni x

  2. These are great suggestions! I recommend wet wipes, mints and tissues! No one likes to feel sticky all day after eating :)

  3. I love having a body spray or nice lotion on me. It's nice to smell nice. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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